My first CEO Space experience (at age 9)

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My first CEO Space experience (at age 9)



In December I attended CEO space. It is really inspiring and it helped me SOOOOO much!!! I learned from some people how I can make my book successful and how to write from your heart. The experience helped me with so many things that I will be writing all day just listing everything!!!

When I was driving to the hotel, I was thinking about what I want to do. I said to my self do I want to write a book? Do I want to story tell? Then my mom (Dawn Gluskin) told me to ask the universe what to do. So I asked and then something came to my mind. It told me I should write a book about following your heart. Here are a few pictures of people that have inspired me at CEO space.

I met Dave Austin author of the book Be A Beast. He was really nice and inspired me.

I  met Neva Lee Recla. She is also writing a book. She is really nice and we are good friends now.

I met Dahlia Ploszay. Also writing a book. She is really sweet and we are friends.

I met Sophia Phair. She is designing a place for kids to have fun at. She is caring and nice,we are also friends.

last is Dave Phillipson. He is an entrepreneur that is nice and friendly.



You can watch a video of my Snap that I shared on stage here:

Thank you so much to everyone for your support!



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